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Chinese troops put up another tent in Ladakh

Combat Gears prediction hits bulls eye YET AGAIN!!

Indian Developing Missiles with range upto 15000 Km
………………………………………………………………….Last february it was revealed that India is developing a new long range missile Agni -6 with range upto 10,000 Km which can carry 10 nuclear warheads and can strike whole china , japan and russia .
Now news are also there that India is developing a new missile under India’s civilian space program . A missile capable of hitting North America and with a range of 15,000 Km .

India Is also working on accurate cruise missiles and miniaturised nuclear warheads .

Strike by even a midget nuke will invite massive response, India warns Pak

Strike by even a midget nuke will invite massive response, India warns Pak

India will retaliate massively even if Pakistan uses tactical nuclear weapons against it. With Pakistan developing “tactical” nuclear warheads, that is, miniaturizing its weapons to be carried on short-range missiles, India will protect its security interests by retaliating to a “smaller” tactical attack in exactly the same manner as it would respond to a “big” strategic attack.

Articulating Indian nuclear policy in this regard for the first time, Shyam Saran, convener of the National Security Advisory Board, said, “India will not be the first to use nuclear weapons, but if it is attacked with such weapons, it would engage in nuclear retaliation which will be massive and designed to inflict unacceptable damage on its adversary. The label on a nuclear weapon used for attacking India, strategic or tactical, is irrelevant from the Indian perspective.” This is significant, because Saran was placing on record India’s official nuclear posture with the full concurrence of the highest levels of nuclear policymakers in New Delhi.

Giving a speech on India’s nuclear deterrent recently, Saran placed India’s nuclear posture in perspective in the context of recent developments, notably the “jihadist edge” that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons capability have acquire

One of the main reasons for Pakistan miniaturizing its nukes is actually to keep its weapons from being confiscated or neutralized by the US, a fear that has grown in the Pakistani establishment in the wake of the operation against Osama bin Laden. “Pakistan has, nevertheless, projected its nuclear deterrent as solely targeted at India and its strategic doctrine mimics the binary nuclear equation between the US and the Soviet Union which prevailed during the Cold War,” Saran said.


Kamov K-50 Helicopter




Prithvi Air defence


F-35B STVOL mechanism

F-35B STVOL mechanism

Whereas conventional jet
fighters need up to 3000 feet of runway to take off, the F-35B pilot simply pushes the throttle forward and is airborne in less than 500 feet. A computer controls the lift fan, which pushes cold air down, causing the jet to float up. The air also prevents hot exhaust from entering the lift fan and stalling the engine. As the F-35B approaches 288mph, the wings produce enough lift to let the fan disengage.Engine Behind the jet’s supersonic speed is the Pratt & Whitney F135 turbofan. During liftoff, the rear exhaust nozzle rotates to direct the engine’s thrust downward, while a drive shaft in front of the engine turns the lift fan. Roll Nozzles On the underside of each wing, two computer-controlled roll nozzles channel a small amount of thrust from the engine to stabilize the airplane and keep it from rolling out of control.vtol


Structure of PAKFA

Tu-160 Blackjack


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HMS KENTs Starboard 30mm gun firing against a ‘Killer Tomato’ (red inflatable target) during training

HMS KENTs Starboard 30mm gun firing against a ‘Killer Tomato’ (red inflatable target) during training

Photograph by L(Phot) Joel Rouse

The Automatic Small Calibre Gun (ASCG) comprises of port and starboard 30mm cannons controlled by an electro-optical fire control system. Providing the operator with day and night picture, the electro optical device tracks targets and provides positional information to the cannon which adjusts its aim so the rounds fired intercept the target. The operator remains safe at all times remotely connected to the system from within the ship. Firing 200 rounds of 30mm ammunition every minute, at a velocity of over 1000m per second out to ranges of 5km it is used to protect the ship against aircraft and fast attack boat


Clam before a Storm: The Dragon Claw Poking the Indian Tiger