Same Dish But With A New Flavour!

Hello! Well you would be wondering about what exactly food or flavour got to do with this hardcore, military tech-studded blog? To be honest, nothing! It’s just to emphasize on the recent changes in the CombatGears management & content.

Till now the blog content, though contributed jointly by both the Nikhils & me, was posted under the same admin. However, we discussed few changes and the first one was to have CombatGears administered by each of us, individually. This would give us more flexibility in terms of management & would enable us to distribute our roles more effectively.

Though our roles are not strictly confined to any one domain, I would like to tell you that Nikhil Kumar would be mostly administering the geo-political aspects of the defence industry. His aptitude for General Knowledge alongwith his keen interest in world politics makes him an apt candidate for this task.

Nikhil Pareek & myself would be dealing with the more technical instances. Mr. Pareek is currently working on a project under Pratt & Whitney at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and would be dealing with hardcore technical stuff in defence aviation in CombatGears. My role would be to have a peek at various upcoming military technologies and also to get into a flashback mode, discussing about different pioneering technologies & products that had a big impact on the defence industry.

Another major change was to add videos. Youtube has been one of our biggest source of information. Most of the articles that we have published in past have been an after result, watching various defence related videos & documentaries on Youtube. We feel that this would be a more interactive way to put forth things, and share what we watch. I am sure these changes would definitely more to the knowledge pool of our readers & followers.

So quickly brainstorm through the blog & let us know your take on this new flavour!

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