Senior PFI leaders murder pregnant elephant by feeding explosives stuffed fruites.

3 ppl have been found guilty of feeding the elephant with a pineapple bomb.

Abdul Kareem, Nizayudeen both Indian Muslim League members and the estate security person Wilson who is a Congress party member.

Sandeep Varier, BJP Spokesperson, accuses an Indian Muslim League MLA for forcing the powers to get bail for one of the League members who is now absconding. Another League member is also absconding. So now only Wilson the patsy is in the police station.

All three are said to be working on an estate in Malapuram. There is also a rumour that the estate owner is one Riyas who is also absconding.

What is Kerala Government trying to hide?

Why is #1 CM trying to give the explosive in a pineapple fed to an elephant a decided communal flavour?

Why are CPM leaders in Delhi frantically trying to stitch up a fake fraud victim narrative for Muslims in this case?

Why is the Government of Kerala focussing on and insisting on name of the district where the elephant was found as opposed to focussing on the inhuman act perpetrated against a helpless animal violating all animal protection laws of this land?

Will the Govt of Kerala kindly show transparency on a few pertinent points..

  1. What is the boundary line of the estate where the elephant was fed the bomb pineapple? Were the estate owners over running into forest land?

If this is true then is it possible that the hungry and pregnant elephant was fed this pineapple bomb on forest territory? That then gives this crime a whole different angle doesn’t it?

  1. Why were banned explosive material found in the bomb remnants on the elephant?

How did these estate owners and workers get this material?

What other illegal weapons and chemicals are being manufactured in the estates surrounding our forests and to what purpose?

This goes into the domain of the #NIA .

  1. Why did a Indian Muslim League MLA come hurriedly to the police station and bail out one of the two accused? Where is the accused now?
  2. Who force fed the elephant this bomb? And why? Was it an experiment gone wrong?

The Kerala Government is duty bound to keep we, the ppl informed if terrorist activity such as large scale manufacturing of explosives, chemicals and other weapons is going on in these remote estates.

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