Why India should not cut down military budget?

A very popular argument is given against the world’s largest democracy that with GDP almost below or slightly above world’s median that instead of spending so much on weapons why not it invests on eradicating poverty?(!!)

Geopolitical analyst counter argues this point by these points:-

  1. India spends less than 1.6% of its GDP on defense directly or indirectly.
  2. The money that India spends on weapons technology is circulated within Indian territory only and hence it is used in employment of Indian people only.
  3. Products developed in India be it medicines or cars are of highest quality standards and have potential for international purchases as compared to low quality Chinese products. This way a lot of royalty can be brought to Indian organizations.
  4. Security and economy has to go hand in hand. There would not be any India and it would be invaded like Tibet if India ignores our security.

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