The best Intelligence Agency of the world – ISI of Terrorist Republic of Pakistan

ISI which operates for terrorist republic of Pakistan is arguably the best intelligence agency of the world. It has successfully co-ordinated many terrorist attack on America, India, Israel and other non-terrorist countries.
Lets start with 9/11. ISI successfully helped Osama Bin Laden in carrying out this attack. It then put the entire blame on Afghanistan successfully and with American help devasted it too.
In the meanwhile it planned and even successfully executed many fatal attacks on American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
More than 200 US marines have been killed in these ISI planned attacks and USA can do absolutely nothing to stop them.
Comming to Indian attack of 26/11. Pakistani ISI successfully helped its terrorists enter Indian city of Mumbai and carry out terrorist operation there. Finally after a deadly war was the city secured.
Even it has started to spread terrorism in Xinjiang region of china.
The next big thing that ISI is planning is to supply nuclear bombs to terrorists and attack western countries and then start playing victim.
CIA/RAW/MOSSAD can only wait and watch and nothing else. ISI truly deserves to be be called premier intelligence agency of the globe.

The above mentioned incidents are mere examples of many heinous act that ISI does. They are funded by Terrorist Republic of Pakistan by the same money that USA/ other countries give to them as aids/alms to fight poverty. I simply dont get that how can those countries be so stupid so as to donate money to a country that passes lions share of budget to spread terrorism and kill innocent people and rape young girls doing mass rape and genocide.

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  1. so you claim that ISI is the best for its national and territorial interests, this is the task of the soldier to kick the devil hard if reaches to its homeland and ISI is exactly doing what is required to stop the insurgency of other agencies in Pakistan like RAW , MOSAD and CIA do.Pakistan has become a land of battle for many terrorist organization like RAW CIA Mosad and middle eastern countries, Soldiers are fighting with these terrorist not only inside the country but also on the borders and in other region to stop penetrating deep in Country, they are just doing what the time need for.

  2. some facts
    1947 Pakistan attacked India tocapture kashmir but kashmir and hyderabad merged with India.
    1965 Pakistan attacked India tocapture kashmir but they lost 1500 sq km in punjab n west.
    1971 Pakistan attacked India not only they lost war but they lost east pORKISTAN too and 93000 pORKI army men had to surrender.
    1984 Pakistan attacked India to capture kashmir but they lost siachen .
    1999 Pakistan attacked India tocapture kashmir but they again lost it along with 5600 pORKI dead and lost 550 sq km of area.
    Pakistan pls attack India again so that baluchistan n sindh become independent.

    • Aleem Khan Lodhi

      Nikhil, i would just simply say, Hahahaha.. stop dreaming you goon.. we lost lost all the four battles, isn’t it?? ohh my poor hindu harami baby.. i would rather say please attack “PAKISTAN” we want to see that what are you inDians capable of.. fear my dear fear, ISI, Shaheen, Babur, Gouri, Al-Khalid, F-16, JF thunder 17.. know these things?? these are nothing, we have many more to serve you.. 🙂 and don’t dare to speak anymore otherwise i would share the facts about inDian pussy cat army not told by us or anyone else but by you own army generals.. is it enough my baby..

    • your defeat sign is the presence of pakistan on the map of world……….akhand baharat is looking like just a joke.occupied khasmir under the controll of india but their solagan is khasmir bane ga pakistan,1971 was the war in which pakistan was separate into bangladesh just the india army support do this,your history is too weak mr

  3. fuck offfffffffffff

  4. haha.. are u some kind of joker or clown or something? no one can ever deny about the position of the ISI of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (well known to the world). Plus we don’t give an ear to these type of low leveled people saying anything that grows in there mind.. and let me clear to u.. do u know the meaning of terrorist? it came from the word terror.. which Pakistan will always put on its enemies..

  5. Okay…I accept your all claims about say ISI is doing terrorism since it’s been made..then why Super power and other western countries do not ban know bcz they are afraid of ISI…ISI can do any thing..ISI have made youe hearts full of fear and terror…loll you all ass holes …proud to b pakistani

  6. I am Laughing at the comment of Kumare..baseless arguments he is giving…Pakistan downed India,s aircraft at the ratio of 1;3..this is not i am saying this is what wikipedia saying…and cia is the biggest terriorist agency because you know well about his soviet union,Iraq and nagasaqi,s act

  7. mr.kumar let me explain you that we lost wars againsts india thats so annoying and stupid our brave army blasts at you asses and u do nothind but fear only 5 pakistani shocked the whole india and lost u are 300 above people and u r police army faild to stop them early and there is a whole ary waiting for u then what u do?


    My friend this is called PROXY WAR and our ISI has mastered in the ART OF PROXY WAR

  9. when a person is afraid he often do what you did so, person who wrote this article is bastard, son of bloody bith.. We dont care of your third class blames idiotic dogi

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