AESA on F-15: Singapore scenario

Republic of Singapore F-15SG, arguably the most capable 4th gen multi-role fighter in the world. Singapore became the 1st country after the USA to buy AN/APG-63v3 AESA radars. The new Active electronically Scanned Array technology offers a 2-3x boost in range vs. the older APG-70 on most USAF and foreign Strike Eagles, true simultaneous air and surface capabilities, agile-beam capabilities that make it hard to backtrack the radar source, expandability thanks to new software modes that could include high-bandwidth communications and electronic warfare, 20x better reliability than the APG-70, and low maintenance costs. The big difference between the APG-63v3, and the APG-82v1 AESA derivative that will retrofit American F-15Es, is that the APG-63v3 uses Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) “black boxes”. The entire LRU is swapped out if something goes wrong, and faults must be diagnosed and fixed at maintenance depots. The APG-82 borrows from the Super Hornet’s AN/APG-79 radar design and uses internal diagnostics, coupled with smaller Line Replaceable Module (LRM) “blades” that can be switched out in the field. To date, the APG-63v3 is the most advanced AESA approved for any international F-15 customer.

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