MMRCA FACE OFF#Eurofighter TYPHOON vs. Dassault RAFALE

… Both planes have canard-delta winged single tail fin configuration. Although Rafale has good agility but Typhoon is even better than Rafale in terms of agility. Reasons- Bigger canards placed close to the nose at an angle to ground which provides a better rate of climb, whereas Rafale’s are small and placed nearer to the wing compared to typhoon’s. But the technology of Rafale compensate for the loss in maneuverbility. Due to the composite material used in the airframe of Typhoon it gives the aircraft to handle better g-stress than Rafale. The quadraplex digital FBW system and relaxed-state-stability system gives typhoon a better handling during subsonic flights which makes it more preferable in ground attack mission. Still both aircrafts are agile enough to go for any mission. But still the show goes to Typhoon.
Typhoon(1.0)>> Rafale(0.5)

In terms of engine, Typhoon has 2 Eurojet EJ-2000 producing around 90KN thrust each with afterburners engaged whereas in same case Dassault has provided Rafale 2 Snecma M88 which produces only 75KN thrust compared to Typhoon’s 90. This is why Typhoon clearly beats the Rafale. However, Thrust-to-weight ratio of both the planes are similar and Rafael has more take off load than Typhoon. M88 is much more fuel efficient, but the EJ200 retains its power in high mach numbers, giving the Typhoon superior acceleration post Mach 1.5. M88 limits Rafale speeds to Mach 1.8-1.9, while the Typhoon can go well beyond Mach 2. Also Typhoon has the ability to supercruise at Mach 1.1 Again round belongs to Typhoon due to limitation of M88 turbofan.

Typhoon uses a Mechanically Electronic Scanned Array radar named as CAPTOR which is a 3rd generation coherent X-band radar whereas Rafale uses a RBE-2 Passive Electronic Scanned Array system. Typhoon’s CAPTOR radar is can be said to be lagging a generation comparable to Rafale’s RBE-2. Due to CAPTOR’s mechanically controlled pulse dopler system it has limited
functionality during tracking mode and doesn’t posses beam sharpening and other PESA functionality. But it posses a better jamming immunity than RBE-2. Although Euroradar and BAE systems are developing a AESA system for typhoon CAPTOR-E but france’s Thales system can be said to more progressed and closed to install AESA in Rafale. So any Airforce who is dealing a huge amount like $126 billion will prefer an aircraft with pre-installed AESA system. So I’ll give my vote to Rafale in this case.

Other avionics of Typhoon includes a PIRATE system which is a passive detection system for infrared tracking of targets. Whenever there is threat of radar interception, CAPTOR can be made offline while all tracking can be done by PIRATE. Similary Rafale has a Thales/SAGEM made OSF and IRST system which is just similar to Typhoon’s PIRATE. In terms of Avionics and other subsystems both fighters posses same capability. Both includes RWR, FLIR, IFF and HMDS. We can call this round a sure draw.

In terms of electronic warfare capabilities Rafale is a sure winner, although Typhoon can give it a good run for its money. But still Rafale’s SPECTRA system better capabilities than Typhoon’s ECM suit. SPECTRA consists of 2 separate infrared MAW system as well as LWR. It gives the aircraft a better jamming immunity to Radar interception. Other countermeasures include Chaffs, DIRCM, flares. The SPECTRA sensors can detect the missile launch point as well as approaching speed of the missile.

In terms of armament both typhoon and rafale are same. Typhoon has 13 hardpoints whereas Rafale has 14. Although payloads of typhoon is somewhat 2000kg less than Rafale. But the compatibility of typhoon with AIM-120, 132 and sidewinder give it an upperhand against Rafale which uses MICA and Meteore. Recently Typhoon has been tested with MBDA Meteor missile which is in a development stage. In terms of ground attack capability Typhoon can be prefered over Rafale due to its compatibility with AGM-65 Maverick which is a better weapon than MBDA apache. But still both fighters are quite a formidable force for enemy forces.

From the above FACE OFF BATTLE result we found that both gain same ratings according to their overall components.
Typhoon(5.0/6.0)= Rafale(5.0/6.0)
So we need a tie-braker here.

In aerial exercise in the UAE, even the F-22 Raptor could hardly do anything to tame Rafale. Also the Typhoon has beaten Raptor in Red flag ’08. As these 2 rivals never been in a one-on-one, so it’ll be really hard to procure a combat result.

So considering a hypothetical scenario where both fighter goes against each other in different scenario each consisting of 5 rounds, the results will likely to be as given below.
Rafale vs Typhoons(4-1)
Rafale vs Typhoons(2-3)
Rafale vs Typhoon(2-3)
Rafale M vs Typhoon (No duel as there isn’t a N-variant of typhoon yet. So 1 point may be awarded to Rafale for all around operation)
Rafale vs Typhoon 9–7

-India may expect Rafale delivery sooner than Eurofighter Typhoon, since Rafale is not gone for export yet. Typhoon already has lots of pending orders from export. Rafale has offered India 40 fighters in fast track mode for early delivery.
-India has already tested the capability of Dassault Mirage 2000 in Kargil war. Indian pilots and manufacturing companies are familiar with Dassault
products and hence not many efforts will be required for pilot training and setting up of the assembly and manufacturing line when compared to a totally different platform of aircraft. So Rafale would be a better choice than typhoon.


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