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The quality of defense journalism has really taken a nose dive these days. Besides a few of the journals most of them are money minded, biased or ill-informed. This is the place where I have tried to bring to the people of the world quality defense news that is unbiased in favor or against any country or economic entity or any other sects. The facts written are verified by the author as well as no profit is intended. Quality is our God and to strive for it is worship. Our motto is bringing the truth as it is to the public.

We are launching a personal safety app which is in beta testing right now.
The main purpose of the app will be that the user can reach out to their loved ones in life threatening situations even when they are unreachable. As a part of this app very person can add their loved ones to circle of trust. To increase circle of trust they will have to make an in-app purchase.

We can be reached at nikhil199029@gmail.com
Our registered office is:
Flat 202, Gharaunda appartment, Road 4, Mahesh nagar, Patna 800024.
Phone: +91 9972485521

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