India pinsared between Terrorist republic of pakistan and communist republic of china

US Presence in korea and japan and their commitments in that area specially with the philippines and their mutual defense treaty should make them be ready unless the US prefers to abandon its friends when china becomes abusive and takes territory by force. This happened in the Kahmir in the past and china will make it happen again in the spratlys area in the future.

But the main point is that America itself is a collapsing economy. Victim countries like Korea taiwan vietnaam need to stand on their legs. The best way forward is to make an alliance with comparitively advanced and bigger forces such as India and japan. Being geographically closer and common intrests india is in a better situation to provide both military technology as well as support to far east countries. This reminds me of the joint venture of india and vietnaam. China has warned that if India continues with the exploration and mining then china may consider military alternative. Indian navel establishment immediately replied that that it is ready to face any situation in that scenario. Looking at the indian navel builtup and not underestimating the the vast chineese built up we can say that the conflict if ever will be neck to neck.

The main leverage that china has over india is a more agile political setup and a bigger land army. Moreover it is in a very good terms with terrorist republic of Pakistan. It has the leverage of engineering a spider web around India. While China being the member of security council has its obligations to perform, their communist nerves also bends them to play double game with india as it is the only country that can challenge its emperorship and super power status in future. That is where terrorist republic of Pakistan comes into picture. It uses pakistan to do its “dirty” job. Even the relations with the terrorist repubilc is not that simple. On the countrary it is extremely complicated. For example recently in the Muslim majority are of china called as xinjiang terrorist republic of pakistan started spreading terrorism and china had to warn its terrorist neighbour.

The main advantage India has is the kind of innovative military hardware that it can make. 10 years back china had a huge economy but it made 2 blunders that gave it a disadvantage over its rival india. The first one is it failed to stop the tinaman square news to flow outside. As soon as west saw what chona is doing they stopped supply and development of weapons from china. Even though it had money china couldent buy any hardware. The other big mistake it did was to reverse engineer the russian Su 27 jets. The incident goes like this. China had ordered.200 su 27 jets to sukhoi design baeraeu.however after the suply of 99 jets china said that it was financially not in a situation of going further with this deal and so paid russia for whatever was ordered. Russia was okay with it as it for itself had seen a financial crunch. However it was a blatent lie that china was in a crunch. Actually it was reverse engineering the russian jets into J11B. This was more than enough russia could bear and the last pillar of support that china had to access latest tech broke. On the Southern side of border India was the other asian giant and had excellent relations with western world as well as russia and the DRDO was growing by leaps and bounds. China is not able to complete its first air craft carrier while india is on verge of completing fifth aircraft carrier battle group. It has the option of choosing best of best defence tech from any country of the world. It is having execllent relations with far eastern nations as well as european bosses and is looked up by both israel and arabs. It has inducted best of best fighter jets from the entire world that china can not even dream of. On the diplomatic side japan australia and taiwan is having superb relation with india.

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