Combat Gears prediction hits bulls eye YET AGAIN!!

Indian Developing Missiles with range upto 15000 Km
………………………………………………………………….Last february it was revealed that India is developing a new long range missile Agni -6 with range upto 10,000 Km which can carry 10 nuclear warheads and can strike whole china , japan and russia .
Now news are also there that India is developing a new missile under India’s civilian space program . A missile capable of hitting North America and with a range of 15,000 Km .

India Is also working on accurate cruise missiles and miniaturised nuclear warheads .

About combatgears

I am a Software Development Engineer and I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Neural Networks, Weapons Technology etc. I follow day to day geopolitical events and technological advancements very closely and enthusiastic about expressing my opinions on them. In future I wish to establish my own company. Young that I am, I am slowly learning and pacing towards fulfilling that goal. I also own the blog :- "" which is popular in North America, Europe, India, Australia and Far East countries. I plan to expand this blog into full fledged defence journal in recent future. Me and my team constantly strive to produce quality and informative contents for our site at the same time present it in an interesting manner.

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