HMS KENTs Starboard 30mm gun firing against a ‘Killer Tomato’ (red inflatable target) during training

HMS KENTs Starboard 30mm gun firing against a ‘Killer Tomato’ (red inflatable target) during training

Photograph by L(Phot) Joel Rouse

The Automatic Small Calibre Gun (ASCG) comprises of port and starboard 30mm cannons controlled by an electro-optical fire control system. Providing the operator with day and night picture, the electro optical device tracks targets and provides positional information to the cannon which adjusts its aim so the rounds fired intercept the target. The operator remains safe at all times remotely connected to the system from within the ship. Firing 200 rounds of 30mm ammunition every minute, at a velocity of over 1000m per second out to ranges of 5km it is used to protect the ship against aircraft and fast attack boat


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