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World’s First-Ever Glass-Bottomed Plane

I just happened to come across this blog. Now I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just some leftover hijinks from April Fools. But I think this would be really amazing if it were for real!

The Indian MMRCA Deal Video



Last night I was just browsing through my Facebook wall and I found this video, which I had made and uploaded on Facebook more than two years ago. It was the time just before the previous Air Show event, which was to be held in Yelahanka Air Force Base at Bangalore, India. The MMRCA deal was the most hot and happening topic at that time with the winner being highly anticipated!

So check out my video given in the link (click on the title of this post to start the video). It was also the first long video that I had made using the Windows Movie Maker. A number of concerned fighter aircraft footages were taken and assimilated into this single video. The background track is ‘Tunnel Vision’ by ‘John Petrucci’ from the album ‘Suspended Animations’.