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F-35B STVOL mechanism

F-35B STVOL mechanism

Whereas conventional jet
fighters need up to 3000 feet of runway to take off, the F-35B pilot simply pushes the throttle forward and is airborne in less than 500 feet. A computer controls the lift fan, which pushes cold air down, causing the jet to float up. The air also prevents hot exhaust from entering the lift fan and stalling the engine. As the F-35B approaches 288mph, the wings produce enough lift to let the fan disengage.Engine Behind the jet’s supersonic speed is the Pratt & Whitney F135 turbofan. During liftoff, the rear exhaust nozzle rotates to direct the engine’s thrust downward, while a drive shaft in front of the engine turns the lift fan. Roll Nozzles On the underside of each wing, two computer-controlled roll nozzles channel a small amount of thrust from the engine to stabilize the airplane and keep it from rolling out of control.vtol


Structure of PAKFA

Tu-160 Blackjack


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Concept of flying tanks!!

On paper, the idea seems simple enough — just put wings on tanks so that they become a tank-gliders, then tow a fleet of them into the air, fly deep into the enemy’s vulnerable rear area, cut them loose, and their crews can glide them down to land, ready for battle. Although seemingly laughable on first look, the flying tank solves a major problem in airborne warfare by providing heavy weapons and armored support to airborne troops. It offers a means to deploy heavy combat units unexpectedly and quickly where the enemy least expects. It is no surprise therefore that four major nations engaged in flying tank research during the 1930s and 1940s, including the Soviet Union, the USA, Japan and England. Of those, only the Soviets would bring prototypes to the flying stage — and they did it four times with four separate vehicles. Today in history on September 2, 1942, marks the 70th anniversary of the first and only flight of the Soviet Union’s Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka, the most ambitious of the designs and the world’s only true flying tank

flying tank

Your Flight, In Their Hands

Met a new lady in our building couple of days ago, who has recently moved to Mumbai from New Delhi. We had a really fruitful talk & it was amazing to find out that she works as an air traffic controller at the Domestic Airport! When she told me about her job, I uncontrollably started tossing questions at her. It was interesting to find out about the various intricacies involved at her work place. It was nice to have so much of first-hand information about the work of an air traffic controller & the difficulties therein.

She summarized the discussion by suggesting me this documentary.

World’s First-Ever Glass-Bottomed Plane

I just happened to come across this blog. Now I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just some leftover hijinks from April Fools. But I think this would be really amazing if it were for real!

Indian indigenous Stealth Dominance :AMCA

Israel and F-35 JSF…



Israel On 27 January 2009 Defense Minister Ehud Barak submitted an official request this week to the US government to purchase 25 F-35 stealth warplanes for the Israel Air Force. It appears likely to buy an initial 25 F-35s, with delivery initially slated for 2012 for delivery in 2014, with an option for 50 more. Some of the F-35s may be the short-take-off and vertical-landing F-35B variant.

F-35 and netherlands…

Chinese plan to kill drug dealer with drone highlights military advances