STEM the blood hound car project.


You may be wondering, how is a supersonic car going to rekindle this lost enthusiasm for science and engineering? Let’s face it, youngsters and adults alike are captivated by cars; so it’s only logical that the thought of creating a car that can travel more than 1000 mph is simply mind-blowing.

When you see images of the BLOODHOUND SSC, it looks just like an enhanced racing car. However, the design and engineering that has gone into the BLOODHOUND makes it anything but a racing car. This 13m long, 6½ tonne masterpiece is truly a work of engineering art from the front wheel suspension and ice tanks for cooling all the way down to the steel frame and the composite tub to keep the driver safe.

By supporting The BLOODHOUND Project, teachers and students can gain insight and information about the BLOODHOUND SSC, jet propulsion, steering and the prototyping process.

Check out how the CAD drawings of the car can be brought to life using the latest software from Cortona and Genome. You can explore the 3D designs by downloading the program viewers for FREE; visit the BLOODHOUND site for more information.




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